About us

Contentshoppe provides offshore virtual team services to businesses in the US and Europe. Contentshoppe helps such companies overcome the challenge of growth-impeding resource shortages and the high cost of such resources in local markets by providing access to India's abundant qualified and inexpensive labor pool in the form of Contentshoppe virtual teams. Contentshoppe is effectively the supply chain and quality owner for such services, delivering results by creating virtual teams using a mix of its full-time professionals as well as Contentshoppe -accredited India-based service providers.

Contentshoppe is a reliable services partner that combines:

Experience of serving leading enterprises and publishers worldwide
A team with a track record in content, technology, design and knowledge
A streamlined workflow process using state-of-the-art content technologies
Conversion services for transforming legacy content into valuable digital assets
A cost-effective offshore business model that uses highly skilled professionals in India to transform content for large project