At Contentshoppe from inception we have always been not only process driven but also have optimized the processes depending upon the unique project requirements and business context of the Client. We have developed a set of Best Practices based on the rich experience we have in delivering technology solutions in the past. We continuously hone our processes to suit the ever-changing technology and business landscape. The principles that we followed while designing this process are:

Customer Collaboration Approach provides maximum transparency to the customer and the management throughout the entire project.

We deliver solutions as a Virtual team of the customer collaborating with them in developing and fine-tuning the most appropriate technology solutions. This provides the sense of comfort and control to the customer in the outsourced engagement; at the same time, this also ensures the developed solutions are absorbed into the organization seamlessly.

System Solutions Approach enables Contentshoppe to deliver technology solutions which factor in the business, people, process and technology issues of the solution implementation. Such an approach optimizes the solution for unique needs of the organization and reduces the time-to-deploy and time-to-adopt within the organization thereby accelerating RoI. As businesses compete as part of value chains, the technology solutions need to seamlessly integrate with supplier, customer and partner systems as well. Our Systems Solution Approach helps us analyze these impacts and influences upfront and design suitable integration solutions.

Incremental Development Approach results in phased delivery through progressive builds of the solution.

Often the exact specification for a solution cannot be fully described upfront for the following reasons:

As the solutions get developed, people visualize more functionality by "touching and feeling" the solution increment
The business factors affecting the company keep changing in parallel to solution development and solutions have to keep pace with that.

Incremental Approach provides prototypes and deliverables in stages helping customers specify and visualize the system better. Also, this helps to identify and proceed with parallel organizational change activities towards the solution adoption such as internal training, deployment environment setup and business process re-design reducing deployment and adoption cycle time.

Interdisciplinary Approach utilizes diverse skills needed in technology solution development to maximize speed and productivity. Our process through its interfaces and phases aims to accommodate use of resources with diverse expertise for specific tasks in the system development. We utilize specialized resources with specific knowledge and skills in Business Analysis, Project Management, System Architecture, Technology Selection, Solution Development, QA, Technical Documentation, Customer Support, Web and Graphical Design.

CS team have worked with and researched numerous technologies and methodologies. As new technology enters the market, which is currently happening at a rapid pace, we continuously gear up for this new technology.

Tools our team uses for web & Software Development :

Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Interdev)
Java, C++, CGI-Perl, PHP, JSP and ASP
VBScript and JavaScript

CS has a strong focus on database based solutions :

Microsoft SQL Server 7
MS Access
Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Web Design Tools

Design is a crucial part of all our solutions. Even though we do not market ourselves as a web design company, every good high end solution needs professional presentation. Our designers are skilled in a number of popular web and traditional graphic and web design environments.

Adobe Photoshop
Dreamweaver UltraDev
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia FireWorks
Macromedia Director
Freehand MX
Paint Shop Pro
HTML, DHTML, layers, stylesheets

Graphic Design Tools

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe GoLive
Corel Draw
Freehand MX

Internet/Intranet Technologies

Client and Server side scripting
Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages
Java applets and servlets
Popular Web design tools (MS Front Page, DreamWeaver etc)

Operating Systems

UNIX, Linux
MS Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP

Mobile Computing

Wireless applications and solutions