The Internet is quickly becoming a major, if not primary business channel for many companies. The Gartner Group estimates that global business-to-business Internet commerce will reach $3.6 trillion in 2003 and $8.5 trillion in 2005; while consumer sales will top $31 billion. The ideal business model for the many companies is to have customers (either businesses or consumers) place orders on-line. This allows information to be immediately transmitted to a firm and its suppliers. Bypassing the "middle-men" (retailers, brokers, etc.), reducing the likelihood of errors, speeding processing time, and realizing significant cost savings

eCommerce is no longer feasible for merely large corporations, it is being successfully implemented by small businessmen who can offer more convenient and lower-cost services online.

Let us help you take your business to the next level. We take care of the entire process, beginning with the design of an appealing interface, continuing to secured payment processing systems, and promoting your website through online banner ads, and shopping directories, and web-site positioning.

Shopping Interface-Shopping Cart:

A fully integrated look to match your corporate logo and image
Easy navigation through and search of your product catalog
Customized Product presentation according to your sales strategy. Personalization Features Including :
One Click Ordering
Order Tracking
Wish Lists
Electronic Voucher and Gift Certificate Systems
Compatibility with all Browsers including new IE6 Privacy Features
Secured Pages for Accepting Credit Card Transactions


Products Catalog Administration enables Adding, Editing or deleting products on the fly
Order Reports allowing analysis of ordering patterns and top selling products
Customizable and updatable shipping and taxation options
Download and Upload Capabilities through standard database formats like Microsoft Excel
Adding and Deleting Special Offers and Deals
Mailing Application for Newsletter submission to subscribed users
Configuration and Analysis of External Campaigns and Promotions
Reports and Management of User Details
Tracking Live Visitors to find potential problems and analyze shopping habits

We can have you doing business online in a matter of days; Contact us now to know more about how you can start selling online today.