CS has come to realize that most businesses, when asked, tender a common complaint regarding their existing websites. The complaint is that the information on the website soon becomes out of date or it requires regular updating by the web designers at regular cost. Almost all companies we have been in contact with have expressed great interest in being able to manage their own content. They understand that the initial outlay may be more expensive but it means that they can update their site as often as they like without any external cost.

CS's Content Management System enables you to:

Save time and improve your site
Update your web site instantly
Keep maintenance in-house and save on design agency costs
Increase sales through more effective marketing linked to your web site
Encourage repeat visits by providing up-to-date content

Special features:

Easy to use
No technical ability required
Minimal or no training required
Update using any computer with an internet connection
Secure password protected CMS

Gone are the days where a website merely acts as an online brochure. To use your online presence effectively you need to give your clients/customers a reason to return to your site. The best way to do this is to provide timely and relevant content.

CS offers a range of content management systems (CMS) which will allow people in your organization to update your site's content without the need for any technical knowledge. From the ability to modify existing text and images, to creating new pages with a user management and workflow process, we will tailor a solution to best meet your requirements.

Our solutions will enable you to quickly and easily maintain your website's content. No longer will you need to use a web development company every time you need a content change made to your site. This will deliver considerable cost savings to your organization.

CMS features can include:

The ability to easily modify text and images on your site
The ability to rearrange pages throughout the site
The ability to add new pages and delete existing ones
Workflow / Approval process
Image and document libraries for easy integration of site resources
The ability to provide customers/clients with news and information
The ability to promote career opportunities with your organization